Tuesday is Treat Day

February 19, 2008 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

It’s been a busy week, social studies-wise.

Of course, the presidential campaigns are in full swing.  It seems the Texas primary is shaping up to be a pretty pivotal one this this year, so yesterday I thought I’d sit down and take a look at the candidates.  Early voting starts today; I wanted to get a jump on the crowds and make my choice before the March 4th primary.  After looking at various issues, I’d finally reached a conclusion: I still have no idea who to vote for.  I had my grandmother asking me for insight over the weekend (talk about role-reversal) and the only advice I had to offer was this:

  1. Pick three or four issues that are MOST important to you.
  2. Go with the candidate that most closely matches your views on those issues.

I am finding that the older I get, the more moderate I become.  With our nation’s two-party system perpetually pushing out third-party (and thus, more moderate) candidates, I’m forced to choose sides.  I hate choosing sides.  I envy my students right now: this will be their first election, and they’ve already made up their minds.  Life is so easy at 18.

Second, Kosovo declared independence over the weekend!  Hooray for the Kosovars!  It certainly won’t be an easy road ahead, but I’m excited for them.

Third, Fidel Castro resigned.  (Excuse me, Devil?  Could you turn up the flames?  It’s a little chilly in here.)

My new crop of students is fantastic.  I have a couple of repeat offenders, but I don’t doubt that this will be our last go-round.  Everyone’s staying on track – and it helps that I already have a bunch of lessons planned from last semester.  We’re trying some new things here and there, keeping tabs on the election news, and just getting through it as best we can.

How are things going in your classrooms these days?


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