A Visit From Administrators

January 31, 2008 at 2:14 pm Leave a comment

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we had administrators on our campus from other schools in the district.  They were here during the last period of each day to see how we use technology in our classrooms.  And obviously, we were all aware of the potential that they would want to take ideas back to their own campuses.

I did not have a last period class on Tuesday, so I did not get a visit.  On Wednesday, however, I was thrilled to welcome three ladies into my classroom.  They didn’t stay long, but I think we had a nice visit.

There is a small twist to this story: when I saw them entering my room, I did a double-take.  The first person looked familiar…it was my mom!!

Yes!  My mother came to my classroom!  I was relieved, in a way, because I knew she wasn’t going to say anything mean. 🙂  At the same time, however, I value her opinion more than anyone else’s.  She’s an administrator now, but she spent 20+ years in the classroom (she still teaches from time to time) and she’s a phenomenally good educator.  If she thinks my lesson is no good, she won’t hesitate to let me know – nicely, of course.

For yesterday’s lesson, I had recorded a lecture in Camtasia and put it up on Blackboard.  This way, the students could see my PowerPoint and hear my voice explaining the material.  I figured this would serve two purposes:

  1. I didn’t have to do the lecture four times (for each of my four government classes).
  2. The students would watch it on their own laptops, so they could go at their own pace – rewinding, pausing, and replaying as necessary.

Everyone wins!  The second part of the lesson consisted of a short video on democracy and some questions to answer.  Again, the video was posted on Blackboard and the students were able to download it and watch at their own pace.

I didn’t think yesterday’s lesson was that exciting, but I have since had a change of perspective.  I think there are times we overwhelm people with all the really cool things we’re doing with technology.  Sometimes it’s good for others to be able to see that integrating technology into lessons doesn’t have to be difficult.  A lesson doesn’t have to include major, knock-your-socks-off technology; it can be as simple as using PowerPoint to do vocabulary instead of paper.

Anyway, I think that our guests probably got to see a wonderful mix of technology levels while they were here, and that makes me – once again – so happy to be teaching at such a fabulous school.

Well done, colleagues!


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