Second verse, (almost) same as the first…

December 3, 2007 at 2:41 pm 1 comment

The second attempt at layered curriculum was better than the first.  I’ve had several students tell me that they were overwhelmed by what seemed like a ton of work the first time around, so instead of just chipping away at it little by little, they just decided to skip it entirely.  I can’t understand that mentality with respect to school, but I do realize that that’s exactly how I treat housework.  Sometimes it’s too overwhelming, so I just sit and watch television instead.  Anyway, this time, they did a layered unit without knowing it.  I surprised them with the news on the last day of the unit.  They groaned at first, but then we looked over the assignments together and they realized they’d already completed most of it.

Despite the increased success, I had lots of failures this last six weeks.  This is only a one-semester course, and there are several that I already know I’ll have back in my class next semester.  It’s a little disheartening.  Well, okay, it’s actually a lot disheartening.  I just have to keep trying to do things better.

However, there are some positive things going on.

The first is that I am munching on Cheetos Puffs.  Muy delicioso!

The second is that the fact that this is only a one-semester class means that I get to revamp my lessons soon!  It’s nice to get to retool things in the same year, rather than having to wait an entire year like you do in a year-long course.

There are other things that are keeping me chipper right now, but the parent meeting I have to go to in about 6 minutes is not one of them.  This particular student is a senior (or an early-graduating junior) who turned in one assignment in my class for the entire 2nd six weeks.  sigh.

I will try to post again soon with more positives.  It’s such a festive time of year – it’s good to focus on cheerful things!

Anything fun going on in your lives?  Any successes with your students that really stand out?  I’d love to hear about them.


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They say a messy desk is a sign of intelligence. I am dreading 2nd Period.

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  • 1. drawingfromlife  |  December 5, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    I’m glad you are having some good results with your layered lessons. It’s awesome that you are getting to revamp for next semester. I have so many things I wish that I had started with this year. It was hard for me starting at a new school and not having a very clear idea of what to expect of the advanced students. At Irving High, we had a strong sense of consistency with our Art 1 classes that seems to be absent here. I think I expected more from the 2nd year students. (The dumping ground that is my Drawing 2 classes is not helping either.) I think it will be better for me next year having taught a lot of the Art 1 students this year, and knowing what they can do.

    A lot of my students are making a lot of progress and improving their skill. What’s frustrating me now is trying to get them to THINK! They seem to want to come in and just draw what they want (I’m sure you can imagine the subject matter.) We are spending a lot of time working on developing a COMPOSITION, and not just a drawing.

    On a positive note, I am definitely enjoying my job, and the kiddos that are dedicated and trying to improve, are doing great. Enjoy your Cheetos. I have cut potato chips from my diet (one of my vices), so my mouth is watering!

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